National Home Fence - Drive illegally and laugh at cars passing on right

Schaumburg, Illinois 1 comment
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National Home Fence in Wisconsin drives on expressways in the left lane slowly, talking on the phone, laughing at people who want to pass as they pass on the right.They are in their company car, so they cannot be the brightest to begin with.

How they present themselves in public tells the consumer a lot about dealing with the company.

Any company that breaks the law as the left lane is for passing only, is inconsiderate, rude, callous, couldn't possibly do a good job for a consumer.They will just laugh as you complain about the shotty fence they installed.

Review about: Driving.


Kenosha, Wisconsin, United States #584219

I really don't know if this guy works for another fencing company or not but our guys at national home fence in kenosha, great worksmanship.A lot of people these days get always the wrong impression.How does he even know they were even laughing at him.He must have a guilty mind about something.We have been in working on fences custom for about 20 years,we build them to last that lond as well.

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